Male Intimate Waxing

This treatment is fast becoming one of the most popular services with men. Here at The Makeup and Beauty Studio, we understand the need for professionalism and finding a good therapist who is properly trained in this service can be extremely difficult. Rest assured, you are in the best hands possible.

Crease of leg and blended £20
Buttocks Only £25
Butt Crack Only £20
Buttocks & Butt Crack £35
Sac & Penis £35
Sac/Penis/Pubic Triangle shaped or removed £45
Sac/Penis/ Pubic Triangle shaped or removed/ Crack £50
Sac/Penis/Public Triangle shaped or removed/Crack/Buttocks £60
Sac/Penis/ Pubic Triangle shaped or removed/Crack/Buttocks/Full Back £75
Sac/Penis/Pubic Triangle shaped or removed/Crack/Buttocks/Chest/Abs £80